Mission Statement

Our clients are not the simulated passengers who fly on our aircraft, but rather the pilots who fly them. This is a virtual airline and we need to cater to them within our best ability to do so and the limits of what we can, and cannot allow. The reason for the existence of any virtual airline is primarily to provide structure for the hobbyists who enjoy flight simulators, and in particular airliners.

While we encourage everyone to stretch their comfort zones and explore the heightened realism modern flight simulators allow, it is up to each individual to decide how best to fly their assigned routes within the structure and framework we supply.

We’ll set certain rules with the ACARS software we use so that we can properly provide you with that structured environment. Departure and arrival airport, for example, will be very important, though departure and arrival gates will not. Start your flight on the departure runway and end it on the arrival runway if you want, or begin and end with a cold and dark plane at a proper gate. The fuel you use will be calculated and applied to our overall losses, while the passenger and cargo fares you make will be added to our gains, but this does not mean you need to fuss with the aircraft loading. You’ll need to fly the properly assigned aircraft, which is why we work you up to those, though there will be options for bypassing the ladder system if you feel you’re able.

We will do our best to make the assigned routes use the default simulator aircraft when we can, with certain repaints when we can, or, when necessary, add-on aircraft that are freely available and properly vetted by our staff. You will never have to purchase anything to fly with us, though you are free to spend whatever you wish to make your experience what you want it to be.

The most important thing you need to know is that nobody ever dies on an Atlantic Skies flight. There may be crashes, there may be loss of aircraft, but no passenger or crew member will ever be killed. That’s something we established a very long time ago and we will not stray from that. A break from reality, perhaps, but one we’re willing to live with.

You are always the most important person on the aircraft. Fly safe, fly straight, & don’t crash my airplane.

— Patrick Riley, Chairman of the Board of Atlantic Skies