This is a work in progress, and right now these are only basic notes. Bear with us.

1.0 Perfectly Cool

These are things you are always allowed to do (or not do as the case may be), though they do not make for the most immersive simulation experience and you are very much encouraged to make this the best sim you can.

  • Pausing the sim is always allowed, anytime. Real life is more important than Atlantic Skies
    • Be aware that pausing longer than 24 hours will delete your flight and reject your PIREP
  • Having zero traffic settings, because things can get harried and we often want a simple life
  • Not using real world weather

1.5 We'll notice these

These are mistakes that are not absolutely required to complete a successful flight per se, and people new to airline flying may make them a lot, but habitual notices will get our attention and you should work to correct them before that happens.

  • Lights
    • Landing lights on or off at the wrong times
    • Taxi lights on or off at the wrong times
    • Strobes/nav lights off in flight
    • Beacon light off with the engine(s) running
  • Wrong Altimeter setting on T/O
  • Wrong Altimeter setting on landing
  • Wrong cruise altitude based on direction of travel or aircraft
  • Greater than 250 kias below 10k feet
  • Greater than 19 KIAS while taxiing
  • Overspeed warning
  • Low fuel

2.0 Requiring management intervention

Before you get frightened, this does not mean you'll be fired, or disciplined, or even docked. These are simply things that happen and we will work with you to correct.

  • Crashes
    • They happen. It's a simulation, so we can allow ourselves to be less stringent although we should do our very best to avoid them as much as possible.
  • Taking off from the wrong airport
  • Landing at the wrong airport
  • Excessive landing speed
  • Aircraft stall
  • Deviation from planned route
  • Using the incorrect aircraft type
    • Some routes offer a choice of aircraft that have similar range and pax compliment, some routes don't. Be aware of this.

3.0 Deal Breakers

The last category comprises things that you should never, ever do. Should you, you may risk disciplinary actions up to and including termination from the airline.

  • Using an aircraft totally out of the ballpark for the given flight
    • ie. flying a Beechcraft Baron on a flight scheduled to use a 737-800
  • Refueling in-flight
    • None of our aircraft come equipped with a refueling probe. Don't do it.
  • Slewing
  • Excessive g-forces in-flight or on landing
  • Time compression
  • Claiming deaths on a crashed flight. Nobody ever dies on an Atlantic Skies flight, and we're okay with that break from reality